The Effect of Religion and Spirituality

Modern so called ‘Spirituality’- another lucrative business opportunity.

In a world, where everything has a price and is for sale, even spirituality has become a commodity, a lucrative business opportunity. Problem is not with those who sell, because they are just being smart and trying to cash on those who are foolish and vulnerable, so problem is with those, who fall for pseudo spirituality.

Even a guru is for sale now! I almost fell for such a self proclaimed guru. He first started hinting me that he could guide me and then I had few interactions with him on Facebook, during which, he started indirectly hinting that I should pay him. Needless to mention that I blocked him everywhere and cut off from him completely. All that he did was only self boasting which is nothing but Ego. Even very early in my spiritual quest, I could recognize that stark narcisstic Ego filled trait in him. Since then, I stopped looking for a guru in a physical form but that does not mean that I am not being guided, just that my guidance comes in a form not understandable by regular people and I have no interest in elaborating on that.

The point that I was trying to make is that, be careful of such business people. Spiritual seeking is every person’s birth right and does not need money for it! Even the guru expects dakshina only at the end, which is absolutely legitimate but how many authentic gurus are out there? The real ones will never boast to teach anyone or even offer to teach anyone, not in exchange of money at least. Its always the student who will approach the guru. So, true seekers will somehow find out the authentic sources and go to the right place or guru.

Sadly, even on Facebook, I have been seeing Sponsored(paid) post by a spiritual organisation from India. I shall refrain from mentioning names because people are too sensitive and are ready to get abusive and violent at the drop of a hat now a days. I quite didn’t like the concept that they need to pay Facebook for advertisement to get people come to them! This is simply mocking spirituality. Has spirituality become more of a fashion statement? Does any one think that attending just one event or a course or a satsang will transform them?

Spiritual transformation is a life long process, and even then sometimes one life is also not enough. Its a process of complete worldy self destruction, so that from the ashes, a phoenix can rise. Its a hard grueling process, which requires constant and continuous efforts, inner cleansing, extreme self introspection and consistent seeking. This is a process, unlike any other because once this sets in, there is no turning back, not after the point when a person has begun to literally see Reality, that the entire life is an illusion! Oh, its like once you know that the actors are merely acting on a stage, can you again believe the drama to be real? That’s what spirituality does! Once stepped on this path, there is only moving forward or stagnation but no retreat and so, this is the final journey of the Soul, beyond which nothing is really left.

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